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Next Issue-44, Vol- 8, Last Date for Submission of Papers: 15 July 2024. Papers can be either mailed to [email protected] or submitted using Online Submission Form.

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Next Issue-44, Vol- 8, Last Date for Submission of Papers: 15 July 2024. Papers can be either mailed to [email protected] or submitted using Online Submission Form.

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Next Issue-44, Vol- 8, Last Date for Submission of Papers: 15 July 2024. Papers can be either mailed to [email protected] or submitted using Online Submission Form.

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Volume V

Papers Published Under Volume V, 2021 (Open Access)

Issue-28, November 2021

An Urgent Need for Teacher Training in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic

Mejía and Morado

Narrative Construction in Interlanguage and Fostering Critical Thinking

Dr. Rajat Ghosh

Review of Pros and Cons of Mobile Assisted Language Learning in Indian Education during Pandemic

Amita Bhati and Harish Kumar

Study on Bilingual Proficiency of Bhutanese Children: Technology Intervention for Language Preservation

Thinley Wangmo

Teaching Scientific English to Medical Students at University: The Assessment of Speaking and Writing Skills

Dr. Giuseppe Giordano

Using Brexit-Related Contents to Reinforce Gabonese Learners’ English Language Acquisition

Dr. Ralph Obandja Boyo

Issue-27, September 2021

Communicative Activities to Develop Learner’s Speaking Skill:the Case of EFL Algerian Learners

Imane DIB

Enhancing the Acquisition of Legal English through Role Play

Dana Amirbayeva

Exploring the Role of Violence in Patriarchy in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus

Ritika Dipti Vineeta and Dr. Mamta Kerketta

An Investigation of Attitudes and Decision Making Ability of Students of Engineering Colleges

Dr. E. S. Uma Maheswari

Teaching Speaking and Writing Skills: Determinants for Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Nigeria

Lawal Hammed Olalekan

Issue-26, July 2021

A Didactic Strategy to Teach English to Slow Learners

Carla and Rebeca

A Socio-Culturally Based Didactic Strategy to Improve Students’ Reading Skills

Janella and Haydee

A Soul-Crying Plea –Poem

Dr. S. Anita Evelyn

A Theme Based-Syllabus to Teach an ESP Course to Tourism Workers

Edwin and Rebeca

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teach English for Business Purposes

Irina and Rebeca

Application of the Information and Communication Technologies for the Development of Students’ English Language Listening Skill

Adriana and Marjorie

Booklet Design Based on a Communicative Methodology to Improve Students’ Grammatical Correctness

Boris and Haydee

Factors Affecting Learning of English among the Students of TYBCOM at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University

Dhara Samir Desai

Inclusive Strategy Design to Improve Mild Cognitive Disabled Students’ English Language Learning

Camila and Marjorie

Intensive Revision Stage as Stimulus for Achieving Successful Writing in ELT Contexts

Caroline Linyor

Local Culture and Context in English Language Teaching

Luisa and Marjorie

Reading Comprehension Strategy to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

Veronica and Marjorie

The Influence of Error Correction on the Development of the English-Speaking Skill

Gina and Rebeca

The Interlanguage Grammar of Senior High School Students and Its Influence on the English Language Speaking Skill

Mercy and Marjorie

The Use of an Interdisciplinary Approach to Teach English for Nursing Specific Purposes

Zulinda and Marjorie

The Uses of Technology in the English Learning Process through Online and Virtual Modes in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Carlos and Silvia

Issue-25, May 2021

A Comparative Study of Cinematic Texts vis-à-vis the Literary Texts

Karabi Barman

Effect of Cultural Capital on Linguistic Performance of ESL Learners

Bimrisha Mali

Implementing CLIL Approach to Teaching ESP in Academic Contexts in Albania

Eda Cauli

Using Ideologically Loaded Concepts as a Tool for Reversing Folk-Notions of Linguistic & Cultural Diversity

Reda Mohammed and Pouya Vakili

Issue-24, March 2021

Cognitive Linguistics: An Approach to the Study of Language and Thought

Prof. V. Chandra Sekhar Rao

The Process Writing Approach: Integrating Padlet and Web 2.0 Tools in the ELT Writing Classroom

Anastasia Bozatzi

Teaching Reading to EFL Freshman Students with Mind Mapping Software

Prof. Reima Al-Jarf

Women as Shakti in the Plays of Mahesh Dattani

Dr. J. V. Sunita

Issue-23, January 2021

Democracy in Peril – Remedies to Surmount – A Brief Study

Dr. N S R Murthy and Y Srinivas

Developing Blended English Language Training in Military Education Institutions

Dr.Yuriy Pashchuk, Dr. Susanna Pasichnyk and Dr. Tetiana Serhiienko

Integrating Participation Goals in Writing Activities for EFL College Students

Prof. Reima Al-Jarf

Narrative Techniques in R K Narayan’s Writings

Ms. V S S Durga and Mr. Ch. Balaji Kumar





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